Types Of Thyristers

Lets go to understand to my great article in the category of Electronic component.Types of Thyristers.

For that article,we will understand the numerous Types of Thyristers and their uses.

SCR IN ELECTRONICS , Introduction and Applications.

Thyrister is basically 2 to 4 pin terminals devices.

Its is a Semiconductor Electronic component.

Basically Thyrister is to act as Switch.

silicon control rectifier


What perform the Thyristers?

Basically Thyristers is to ability and performing  task for working as switching ON/OFF for various circuits and gadgets.

Working of 2 pin or 2 terminals Thyristers.

The working and performing task as switch of 2 pin thyrister, only working when the applied electrical source or voltage across to its terminals exceed the Breakdown force of the component.

Working of 3 pin or 3 terminals Thyristers

The working and performing task as switch of 3 pin thrister the current part is controlling to the third pin like gate. When i applied Electrical source or amp to that terminals like gate the thyrister as act like switch ON/OFF.

Types of Thyristers and uses

Basic Types of thyrister are:

    • Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR).
    • Silicon Control Switch (SCS).
    • Triac.
    • Diac.

we have to go briefly explain the Types of Thyrister one by one.


Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR)

Silicon Control Rectifier (SCR) ,is to ability and working conditions,It is normally OFF swithing position mode, When little bit appplied electrical source to the gate terminal therefore component (SCR) conduct to start working and it going to ON position mode.

If the gate source disconnected the Silicon control Rectifier is still ON position,and flow free electron by anode to cathod direction.The souce current is flow in only one direction and that is anode to cathod.

Uses and application of SCR.

It is used fro various circuit and gadgets like, Switching , Phase Controlling and most important inverter circuit or uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

Silicon Control Switch

The operating principle is common or similar like (SCR). Its can be switch OFF by getting position signals ON Gate terminal.The scs can be switch ON by getting a negative signal ON anode gate and the souce of current is move therefore only from anode to cathod.

Uses and Applications of SCS

  • It’s use for counters device and circuits.
  • it’s use for lamp driven circuits.
  • and it’s use for logic gates.

SCR and SCS to use in complete circuit and joint other components like Transistor , Resisters , types of capacitors , and integrated circuits (IC) to make complete circuit.IN printed circuits board (PCB).



Triac is ability to performing task in various circuit that is flow free electron and conduction direction both terminals like anode to cathode and cathode to anode applied electrical source AC and DC current also, Basically Triac normally ON position mode and applied electrical source to Gate terminal and triac goes to switch OFF position mode.

When the gate source is disconnected the current flow through both paths like MT1 and MT2 also AC and DC currents.

The terminals pin is denoted to MT1 and MT2 and gate.


Four layers Diode

This device have basically 2 pin and it’s terminals denoted by anode and cathod and conducting like( voltage sensitive switch). 

If the electrical source voltage between the both two terminals exceed to breakdown source, ti will be switch ON position mode, and electric current is flow through anode to cathode direction.



Diac is common to four layer device and the follow of free electrons in both path direction like A1 to A2 or A2 to A1 , and the terminals is denoted by A1 and A2.

This device have ability to flow   both AC and DC currents  working condition .

Application and uses of Thyrister

Thyristers used is different gadgets and circuits that is:

  1. Circuit breaker to be used in limited fault currents.
  2. Can be used for the alarm circiut like buglerr etc.
  3. It is used to control the speed of fan and motors.
  4. Vehicles ignition control as like a switch
  5. Its is used to flashes in photo shoot.
  6. Its used in dimmers to controlling source voltages.
  7. it’s controlling AC motors , lights, and welding machines.
  8. Mostly controlling Variable speed of the Electric motors.


Benefits of Thyristers.

  1. It’s is easy to use and controls.
  2. Easy to ON/OFF.
  3. It is used to oscillation circuit in digital gadgets.
  4. Thyrister very lowest maintenace and Repairing cost.
  5. un-expensive.
  6. It’s can be used for robust working and operations.
  7. it is speed optimization ,very less time to be activated.
  8. it is used AC source also.
  9. It can be used very large source and current.
  10. it is used protected device to avoid burning components.
  11. very lowest space required as compared to the other switch devices.
  12. Capacity of power performance is Excellence.
  13. It is flow of free electrons or conduct current one directions.
  14. It is also be operate protection device as like fuse in power circuit and gadgets.

Dis Benefits of Thyristers.

  1. Low Efficiency.
  2. Compatibility and Reliability of Triac Thyrister is Smaller then SCR.
  3. Reverse blocking performing or source is smaller then forward blocking performance.
  4. It is not operated bigger frequencies.
  5. Response performance of Thyrister is vey less.
  6. Triac have less DV/DT rating as compared to the SCR

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Basically Thyristers is to ability and performing task for working as switching ON/OFF for various circuits and gadgets.Thyrister is basically 2 to 4 pin terminals devices.Its is a Semiconductor Electronic component.
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