Types of capacitors

Types of Capacitor

Know let’s go and understand to my great article of inside the category of electronic Technology. Capacitor is basically a passive electronic component in electronic technology, and capacitor oldest name is “condenser”.

The basic function and ability is to perform task of the capacitor is to store and hold electrical energy or voltage of certain period of time, in the form of electrostatic field.

And the common function and ability to perform task that is blocking DC current and pass through AC current .

Application and uses

    1. Energy store.
    2. motor starting .
    3. signal processing .
    4. power circuits.
    5. Pulsed power.
    6. suppression and coupling.



The capacitor inside have two metallic parts. And this part is separated by special materials called dielectric, and inside have also insulated materials that insulated can be wound the two metal part that metal part cannot be touch together.

It have also two terminal component that can be used in either AC or DC depend on circuits.


Types of the capacitor.

There are so many types are available in the relevant electronic market, each capacitor is own principles and operation or characteristics to be used.

Know let understand and learn the term types of the capacitor in electrical technology.

Here is the list of the capacitor and understand one by one

    1. Electrolytic Capacitor.
    2. Ceramic capacitor.
    3. Mica capacitor.
    4. Variable capacitor.

1.  Electrolytic capacitor.

This certain and special type of capacitor as well as define “term” Electrolytic Capacitor.

This capacitor is also two terminals and polarized that means the electrolytic capacitor have positive and negative terminals.

How to find out the Polarization of capacitor

    1. In manufacture  of that type of capacitor, that mansion in that Negative terminal of strip is long as compare to positive terminal.
    2. Another way to find out ,the negative terminal is mansion or written in capacitor body mark like    ( – ).

Uses and principals of operation

These type of capacitor is mostly use in DC  (Direct Current) Appliances ,gadgets and circuits.

These can be fixed capacitance value and either use high and low capacitance depand  which capacitance is suitable for circuits.

This purpose of most of these capacitor are used in filter circuits in electronic gadget in power circuit in other word , convert Pulsating DC current into smooth DC current. with attach the complete circuit of electronic  active and passive device like Resistors,Transistors, diode and as well as capacitors.

This types of capacitor is divide into basic two category 

    1. Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor
    2. Tamtalium   Electrolytic Capacitor

Available in relevant electronic markets.

2. Mica Capacitor

The word “mica” innovation and find out in natural minerals  like as well as name mansion silver mica and Damped Mica,(mica is also die electric ).

This are thin layer  of silver mica capacitor between the two metal plates like ( Aluminium and Silver ).

The range of capacitor between 0.01 to 1 and unit can be determined capacitor are pico and Nino and microfarad.

Uses and Principle of operation

It can be used in when required High voltage and High-frequency circuits in electronic gadgets and appliances.

This type of capacitor also divide into Two categories 

    1. Silver Mica
    2. damped mica

3.Ceramic Capacitor

These type of capacitor is also non-polarize that  means not required positive and nagative specific positions.

This is also die electric material used to be manufacture and design called die electric ceramic material.

The range of the ceramic capacitor i up to few pico farad to one or two micro farads and the voltage value use is generally is very low.

This type is also called disc capacitor to be made small tiny thick coating be porcelain with mixed silver coating. and have found very small physical size like 3 to 6mm. another material used to be manufacture called titanium and barium as its die electric.

Uses and principle of operation

It is suitable and use circuit under tuning and filter and radio signal circuits and applications.

Dis advantage

The common disadvantage  of ceramic capacitor that is ,if temperature raise the capacitance value will be varies due to temperature raising.

4.Variable capacitor

These type of capacitor is use or allow when capacitance value is adjustable or adjust the capacitance when need.

uses and applications

This types of capacitor is used for tuning, Transmitters, Receiver and Transistor Radios.



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Know let’s go and understand to my great article of inside the category of electronic Technology. Capacitor is basically a passive electronic component in electronic technology, and capacitor oldest name is “condenser”.
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